Protection Plus + Lacerte Registration

This registration will allow you to use Protection Plus for Tax Year 2022.

Registration for Tax Year 2021 is closed.

By completing this registration, your firm will be enrolled to use the Protection Plus firm-level program for tax year 2022. This firm-level program provides the Protection Plus services to all of your individual return clients for just $10/return (billed to your firm). The program is fully integrated with Lacerte – file returns like normal and start providing the confidence of Protection Plus at your practice.

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You will not be charged at the time this registration is submitted. This card will be charged periodically as you file tax returns.

Auto Renew

By selecting the firm-level auto renew option:

  • I understand that Protection Plus will be included for every individual tax return filed in this tax year and in future tax years until I notify Protection Plus that I would like to cancel.
  • I authorize Tax Protection Plus LLC to charge the account I have on file $10 for each of these returns.
User Agreement

By clicking the button below, I acknowledge that:

1. I authorize Protection Plus to charge my account $10 for every individual tax return filed.

2. I agree to provide the Protection Plus services to all of my individual tax return clients.

3. I agree to the User Agreement.

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